A Good Meta is the most important part of any web site.

META tags are HTML tags that are invisible on the Web page. 
They are important because search engines read them and use 
them to list and rank your site.

Below is a typical Meta.
First 20 keywords are the most important for search engines to
find your site. 
Everything between head and /head will not be visiable to the public,
only to the search engines.

This is a typical meta tag.

In the example above, you can see the beginning of the page's area as noted by the HEAD tag -- it ends at the portion shown as /HEAD.

Meta tags go in between the "opening" and "closing" HEAD tags. Shown in the example is a TITLE tag, then a META DESCRIPTION tag, then a META KEYWORDS tag. To see the Meta on a web site: In Internet Explorer Click on View then source In Netscape: Click on View then page source Try it on this page, yes this one that your on now. If the page you are on does not have a Meta, they have a BAD Webmaster.