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Hi Everyone. We really appreciate your comments.
All of us at Dynamic Independent Radio.

source form: WDYN RADIO Guest Book city: Greenock comments: hi y`all from " bonnie " scotland, your website is a beacon of light to peace and prosperity . . shine on you crazy diamonds
Hi, About fifteen of us work the evening shift at Adelphia and wanted to let you know that your Streams ROCK. We love the variety and listen to your show. We really like that studio show you air Thursday nights. The variety is great and Uncle Joe is a hoot. Keep on bringing us that great tunage man. ROCK ON All us Adelphia SLAVES.
Jackie & Dave, Thank you for playing my CD on the net today ! I feel really great because I can listen to my own voice broadcasted on the other side of the earth ! I will send you the Winter session as well next month. Take care of yourselves, and please say hello to Aaron & Ray for me. Naoya
September 16, 2002 Mr. Blaine Szyszkowski, Age 37 Irondequoit, NY I found Dynamic Radio on It's about time someone finally came along with: 1. Excellent local bluegrass music. 2. Ability to select from multiple media players (and great site design). 3. A knowledgeable DJ that explains the artists and the background of the selections being played. Good luck. I hope your station puts quality Rochester Internet radio - like this station - on the map. Get some billboards up! Thanx, Blaine "Z"
Even before you started playing me today, I was really enjoying your station (except maybe the hitchhikin' coboys breakin' the rules). It really took me back to the days of freeform FM. Bill Coffey has a cool demeanor and is a great musician. His "brother" Dave is too. I thank you for the work you're doing, it is sooo refreshing and necessary. Long may you wave WDYN. Joe Rathburn
Subject: The Rathburn Report: Suplemental Hi to you in San Diego, and around the world... From time to time I like to tell you all bout cool musical things. Well that thing today is WDYN radio in Rochester, N.Y. USA, a web radio station. If you're into listening to radio stations on the web (as more and more folks are these days), tune into these guys. They play only independant music sent in by the artists themselves. You'll hear a very eclectic mixture of music on this station, but if you're INTO music, that's what it's all about, a little of everything as long as it's done well. And remember, these are independant artists!
Hi Brother Don..I'm Vic Symonds brother who emailed you recently and I live in southwest Florida. I also went to school with Tiny Martin in Kendall,NY... I play and sing Old Tyme country, Irish and Bluegrass music. We have a new CD coming out with Vic's daughter, her husband and myself plus a few guests. As soon as I get it ready I'll send you a copy and see how you like it..I wish we had a station like yours here, but you come in real nice on the satellite. Keep up the good work!!!.. Brian
source form: WDYN RADIO Guest Book country: Barbados contact: Yes comments: Just came across your station. Was quite pleased to hear Christmas music. Regards and best wishes for the season. Beverley
Dear Don, We listened to your show last night and were quite impressed!! You do a fine job and it was a hoot to know we were going out over the internet. We weren't able to hear it all; I had some technical difficulties early on, but the last part came in loud and clear. That is a fine service you do for the bluegrass and oldtime community with the great selection and variety of artists you are featuring. Do you get much feedback? It must take a considerable amount of time! Thanks again for featuring us. We really appreciate the exposure especially as you gave our contact information so people can follow up if they wish. Looking forward to picking some tunes on the 22nd. Thanks again, Maggie
Hi Don, it's 3.30pm, and we're sitting here in the Mountains of County Wexford, in Ireland, about five thousand miles East of where you're sitting, and we are really enjoying hearing our CD on your Station, and all the kind remarks you are making about our songs ...................... Thank you very much, and your help is very much appreciated !!!! Best Regards to all, Niall and The Niall Toner Band.
Hello, everyone. This is Robert Kramer letting you know WYDN is the best! Keep up the great work! Music is the best!
Thanks for playing our CD at your fine station. We are currently tuned in to WDYN at the Knockouts Official Headquarters and are impressed by your eclectic mix of musical genres. Where else can one hear pop, rock, swing, klezmer, cabaret and folk from independent artists? Keep up the good work. Charlie "Pops" Lujack
Here is a great quote from the Mountain Express in Asheville, North Carolina: "A Bristol Brothers show is a lively, informed trip through old-style acoustic music...not only do the Brothers play like the dickens, they weave stories about the history of the music and the old-time instruments throughout their sets."
Mountain Express Asheville, NC

source form: WDYN RADIO city: Mishawaka state: IN comments: I love your netcast station! I have been missing original radio since college, and even then, the variety on our local college station in Kalamazoo, MI was not nearly as eclectic (or enjoyable) as yours. I think I've died and gone to art radio heaven. I've been waiting for this for more that 10 yrs. Eargasmically yours, Emily
WDYN in Rochester, NY is a year old internet station dedicated to playing, promoting and supporting independent music....and they do a fine job of it, too! Please visit them at and have a look around. Then, pack up a press kit with a copy of your latest/best CD & send it to: Dynamic Independent Radio 2844-46 Dewey Ave. Rochester, NY 14616 Indicate that Tropical Dreams referred you so it won't get lost in the shuffle, then sit back & count one more place where the public can hear your music. I might also point out that Jeff Elliott, in addition to being one of the dj's at WDYN, is an accomplished island music performer in his own right, doing what you do, to the tune of 100 or so gigs a year. You'll find him in our Artist Roster, too! Bob Heffelfinger Tropical Dreams By ParrotHeads, For ParrotHeads
Dear Don: Thank you so very much for all your efforts. Itís folks like you who go out of their way that really make a difference in this universe. Itís no small thing you did, and I know that plenty of time and thought goes into your well-presented show every day. E-mailing was not enough to express my appreciation for what you do for all of us artists, like being nice enough to reschedule the show. I know you understand because you are an artist yourself. And I like the Bristol Brothers music a whole lot too! Thank you again and again. Yours, Digger
Hello, from Grimsby England from David Christie keep it up guys..
comments: good quality sound, i'm in mid wales (uk)56k modem. your station is found with good quality, good reception and good luck to you all, god be with you all. nigel
Hi, Just writing you from Rodanthe, NC in the Outer Banks. Love your station, I listen to it every day at work. Its beautiful out here, 78' sunny, light sw wind blowing. Should be getting cold around Friday. I'm a artist and though its a bit remote out here, it will be good for awhile. I miss San Francisco, and big city life sometimes, your station is entertaining and diverse, surely one of the reasons that New York will continue to lead the world in culture and progressiveness for the changed world we all face in the future. Keep the home fires burning New York, will pay you a visit soon! Randy
source form: WDYN RADIO company: Shades Gift Shop phone: 3018345301 addr1: 221 E. Potomac St url: city: Brunswick state: MD zip: 21585 contact: Yes comments: Great site and great music. I have you book marked so I can listen to you everytime I'm on line!
source form: WDYN RADIO city: canandaigua contact: Yes comments: i'm just now tuned in to the station it comes in very well. it's nice to hear some new good music.
Don, I just finished listening to your show and Smilin' Jack's. I couldn't ask for more wonderful music! Bluegrass followed by Big Bands and Swing. Very enjoyable and easy to take, especially with your and Jack's informative, personable styles. Thanks to you and WDYN! Frank
HI ! Greetings from Poland from Martin Gornik ! Your radio is very good.
Its a great idea --WDYN- and I like what I hear... Don Springer The Bristol Brothers
Hi this is the lady in Tucson and after making sure I had everything downloaded , I finally tuned you in . Thanks for responding as soon as you did. Mrs in Tucson AZ
This is great! I'll be getting a CD to you soon, as you are on my list. And it seems to be some kind of Cosmic Coincidence that your radio and our CD launched on the same date, no? I mean, with both being "Dynamic" and all. ;-) I'll email when I have the CD on the way. Tj. The Dynamics
source form: WDYN RADIO company: CENTER FOR PUBLIC TV city: TUSCALOOSA state: AL zip: 35487 country: USA contact: Yes comments: SOUNDS GREAT
Learned of your station from a page about Band Organ Music. I find your eclectic mix of music very refreshing. I've got your web link up every night when I'm working on my computer. Thanks for being there. T.J. "SKIP" AREY N2EI Website
source form: WDYN RADIO city: Blue Springs Mo zip: 64015 contact: Yes comments: I really like your music keep up the good work. I am a waitress because I enjoy people.I need to be where the action is.I am 57 years of age.
Just wanted you to know that I really like your station. I just found it by searching on Folk Music and Internet on the search engine. Another bonus for me is, I am a displaced New Yorker living down here in South Carolina (grew up in Cortland, NY). This brings a little bit of home to me. Also, my brother went to college in Rochester and lived there for the first years of his marriage. Thanks, John Foster
comments: Hey Dynamic Folks! Really nice addition to the new music scene! Tom
source form: WDYN RADIO city: bruxelles(belgium) country: belgium comments: hello from belgium
source form: WDYN RADIO city: west seneca state: NY country: usa comments: It sure is nice to see the internet used for good instead of evil!! Keep up the good work!
source form:WDYN Radio city: Nantou country: Taiwan comments: perfect music, sexy voice, is the ever feeling about this program. >Thank you Cosmo!
source form: WDYN RADIO company: Scientific Devices addr1: 21 Gibson Street city: Dansville state: NY zip: 14437 country: USA
source form: WDYN RADIO company: Terri Lynn Music url: city: Nashville state: TN zip: 37206 country: USA comments: What a great service you are providing for so many people.
source form: WDYN RADIO url: state: NY country: USA comments: Absolutely Fabulous! That's it in a nutshell...
Subject: Re: hello, from a friend from Brasil now i'm listening your radio and i like the tune sorry for the bad english.. just trying to make contact good luck. Flavio
source form: WDYN RADIO company: Universal Sound Records phone: 615-453-1419 url: city: Lebanon state: TN zip: 37087-3648 country: USA comments: A little radio station with BIG ideas. It's great! Thanks for playing my music. Looking forward to linking with, the site of one of the most well-known indie labels in Europe and which I'm proud to be included on their roster.


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